Thursday, April 4, 2019

In Room 7 we made guacamole and salsa. we wrote down the ingredints and supplies. We each got  to try both salsa and guacamole. I best liked the guacamole. 
Image result for salsaImage result for guacamole

Monday, March 4, 2019

Word Cloud

 In class for my reading contract I made a word cloud about me. I wrote 12 things about me. Here is mine.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Reading Activity

For are groups reading activity we made a poem about transforming into a anmial. I made it on a web site called voki.mHere is mine.Poem

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Word Cloud

 In class for my reading contract I made a word cloud about a book I have read. I decided that the book I wanted to do a word cloud about was called Shrek. Here is mine.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Prove it work shop 27

Can I add interest to my writing by using similes and metaphors?

My karate teacher is as strong as a gorilla. I watch him all time do his cool moves. He teaches me how to defend myself by blocking. My uniform is as cool as karate.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


In our reading group the Tigers. We have been learning to skim and scan. I used the skill to answer the questions. We read about an artist called Reagan. He has made heaps of different creations like a giant deckchair and lots of trees made of wire. For our reading activity we made a wire tree and a slide show. Here is mine.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Word Cloud

For our contract I did a word cloud of all the types of art because we are learning about art for inquiry.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Mud Pluggers

I made a Padlet about a book called Mud Pluggers that we read at reading time. It is about two boys having a bike race in the mud. In the Padlet we needed to tell what happened in the beginning, middle and at bhe end of the story.

Cave Painting

Image result for cave paintings
In class we have been have learning about cave paintings. This and  other cave paintings were made over ten thousand year ago. This looks like an extinct rino with a big horn. I got this painting from CC Seach. It is made with limestone, charcoal and ochre mixed with animal fat. The used their fingers, sticks and animal hair to make them.


I class we did a Toondoo of any think we wanted. We needed to add onomatopoeia. Here is mineBoxing

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Science Video

In He Puna Hangahanga we have been doing lots of science experiments this term. My group and I made a science video of a experiment we adapted from an experiment we have already done in class. We did the coke and mentos experiment adapting it by using fruit mentos instead of mint mentos. We added some music and title.

Bike Safety

In class we did bike safety lessons. Our teacher showed us a website called Canva where you can make posters. I made a poster about bike safety. Here is mine.
yesyoucan by Ethan PRODGER

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A New Animal

I found an animal in the forest. It is a gorilla a turtlesnake. It is part, bat part snake, part gorilla, part devil, part turtle and shark teeth. It eats spiders and bugs but most of all jellyfish. It's favourite thing to do is climb trees and dive into the water.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


                               Image result for art
I found piece of art work I liked on cc search. I like this art because it looks like the artist put lots of effort into it.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Making Butter

For inquiry we learnt how to make butter by doing an experiment.  We wrote a story on a book creator on what we did.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Volcano Experience

In class my buddy and I did a experiment of what will happen if mix baking soda and vinegar together. We built a volcano made of lego. We used an app called Stop Motion to make a video of it.

Puppet Pals

In class me and my buddy made a Puppet Pal and the IPad app. We made up a story. Here is my buddy's and mine.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Swimmimg Word Cloud

For writing we have been learning about verbs, adjectives and adverbs. We made a word cloud about swimming.

Friday, April 6, 2018

The Bull Ride

“Can I go in front so I can get it over with” I said. “Na” said my sister. "I want to go home." Oh no, it's my turn next and there is no going back now. I think I am going to fall off. I got on and was just about to scream and my face was as red as fire. My hands were super, super sweaty. I just about was going to fall off. It was finally over. I said to my dad “I’m never doing that again!"

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Student Blogging Challenge Week 3

Today we learnt about a website called Creative Commos. On this website you can use images, video and music without getting special permission from the owner. Its a website that people can put images, video and music you can share and use. We watched a video  to learn how to use Creative Commons.

Here is the link to the video if you would like to watch it Creative Commons Video 

Here is the link to the website you sould be usingCreative Commons

Here is a image I fonud on the website and a story I wrote about.
Image result for landscapes

One day was going for a holiday to nice beach in Fiji with my family for a month. First we set up our tents and BBQ. Then we went to go get some Fiji food. I had never been to Fiji before. While my dad was getting food I shouted cannon bomb and jump in the water.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Marble

Title: The Marble

Prediction: I think the marble will float and then sink.

Materials: Water, a cup and a marble made out of a special plastic

1. Fill the cup up with water.
2. Put your little mini marble in the cup .
3. Waited a day or m.
4. Don't worry if you can't see it because it goes invisible.

1st The marble has disappeared and bigger over night.
2nd The marble has even more bubbles forming  around it.
3rd The marble is squishy but you need to be careful because if you squeeze it hard it will break In half.

Result: When you drop the marble in the water it forms air bubbles. The marble pushed the air bubbles to the side because the marble was geting bigger.The Marble turned invisible because it's more water than plastic.

What would happen if we put dye in it.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Blog Commenting

In class we are doing the student blogging challenge. We all made two comments on two blogs from the website. We have a bloging guideline that we have to follow. Here are the comments I made.Blog 1.Blog 2.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Green Pastures Camp

My favourite activity at Green Pastures was the mud run because it was super, super muddy. I was covered in soggy mud. It was so fun but I couldn't wait to go jump in the lake. I was so excited to go on the slide so I raced up to the top of the slide then sped down. It was great to be clean again.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

My Avatar

This is our first week of the student Blogging Challenge. We have created our own avatar and added it to our blog. I went to this webstie to create my avatar. You might like to make one too.
Make An avatar

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Acrostic Poem

Eat a lot
Talk a lot

Hockey is my favourite sport
Noodle Canteen is my favourite food
enImage result for Noodle CanteenImage result for hockey

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Word Cloud

For contact we have creating a word cloud about ourselves.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Welcome Back To Carlton School

Going back to school is fun because I get to see my teachers and friends. It also fun because I get to meet new friends. Plus we get to do swimming routine itś going to be fun. We had a paper snow ball fight. We opened the snow balls and read it. I hope we can do it again.
Related image

Thursday, September 28, 2017


In class we have been learning about plants. We made a glogster and here is mine.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Miss Hulme told us to do a scenario about if your friend and you had bugs biting and your friend slipped on a rock. Here are my ideas.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


We went to the Esplanade in Palmerston North.  Miss Hulme said that we can have a play or finish eating. David and I went on the flying fox.
When I went on the hamster wheel, I fell off. After we had a play, we went for a walk to see if we noticed any of the plants we have been learning about. We found lots of kawakawa, harakeke and moss.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Magic play dough

Magic play dough
I felt the play dough and gave it a squeeze,
I said to myself please, oh please.

If you see it change green or blue,
Your magic playdough wish might come true.

What do you know it changed from white to green,
It was the best thing i had ever seen.

I could not believe my amazed eyes.
It turned out it was a huge surprise.

This is a poem I wrote about making magic play dough.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

the holidays

                 In the holidays my family and I went to              my Nana and Popś in Napier. We went to the beach and it was so warm we had a swim and built a sandcastle.   

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


In the last day of craft at Rutherford I finished my pompom. If you want to make one, these are the things you will need. First you need to cut two identical donut shapes from cardboard. You will then thread a hole bunch of wool through the hole until its filled. Next you need to cut around the circle between the cardboard. Then tightly tie a knot around the wool and add a key ring. You can now remove the cardboard donuts. Lastly, if you want to you can decorate it to make it look like a fluffy alien. I just kept mine as a key chain. I named mine Fluffy because it is fluffy and soft.    
Image result for 1 key rings made of wool